Our team of Dermatologists, chemists and trained professionals will guide you through the complex custom formula process to produce high quality skincare, cosmetics, hair, nail or foot care products. We take care of everything including formulation, product packaging (including labels or screen printing*), and exterior packaging to ensure you are ready for retail sale. This is an excellent option for creation of specific products.

Before the Custom process begins, a member of our product coordinator team and design team will organise a meeting either face to face or via skype.

This meeting is to determine the brand styling and packaging preferences, the type of product that you would like to create, what the purpose of that product will be and if there are any specific ingredients that you would like to see included in the formula.


Atom Labs is to provide:

  • Product Formulation and Recommendations

  • Product Samples

  • Product Packaging

  • Product Formulations

  • Product Exterior Packaging

  • Product Exterior Packaging Samples


Client is to provide:

  • Product idea

  • Product purpose

  • Potential ingredients

  • Brand design brief

Atom Labs sources product packaging based on brand styling.

Product packaging is also available in the Atom Labs standard white and silver packaging or matte black packaging.

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 500 units per product.

There is a 12-18 month lead time for all inclusive custom orders. This timeline does not include sample amendments, shipping and delivery.