This option allows you to select products from our existing private label formulations range. The Atom Labs team will then take care of everything including your product, packaging, label design and printing ready for retail sale. Ideal for busy entrepreneurs and business owners that have limited time and/or knowledge of the industry.

After selecting your chosen product from our private label skincare and cosmetics range, you will then be sent the dyelines needed for the designing and printing of your labels. Once your labels have been delivered, the Atom Labs team will label your product, package it and send the completed product to your supplied address.

Atom Labs is to:

  • Provide product + packaging

  • Organise the design and printing of labels*

  • Apply printed labels to product

  • Organise exterior packaging

  • Pack product

  • Organise delivery of product to client

Client is to:

  • Advise Atom Labs on the direction you see your brand styling



Product is available in the Atom Labs standard white and silver packaging.

Custom packaging* available for a fee. Sample will be supplied for a fee.

Minimum fill quantity is 250 units per product.

Product is delivered to client ready for retail sale.

Shipping is complimentary for All Inclusive Private Label orders.

Depending on your option of packaging there is a 12 week-6 month lead time. This timeline does not include or account for custom packaging, shipping and delivery.