At Atom Labs, we source the highest quality ingredients, both active and inactive that we can find in the global market. Ingredients are ethically sourced, no animal testing, no petrochemicals and no parabens. In addition only Dermatologist approved preservatives are used. By combining science with a holistic approach to our formulations we ensure the best possible solution is being offered to the customer.

Cosmetic Manufacturer Australia


Our Dermatologist has designed and sourced the best ingredients to provide a wide range of cosmetic products that provide the look and coverage an individual desires, while maintaining the integrity of the skin.

We have available formulations in the categories below, and can create further formulations in your range based on your needs.

- Mineral powder, pressed and loose
- BB creme
- Zinc foundation
- Concealer
- Brow powder
- Eye and lip liners
- Eye shadow, loose and pressed
- Blush and Bronzer, loose and pressed
- Lipstick, Lipgloss
- Mascara
- Primer
- Highlighter
- Illuminator

Skin Care Manufacturing Australia


We deliver Dermatologist designed skin care in private white label or custom form, based on your needs. With a core range readily available, our skin care products cover cosmetic needs for most skin types and ages.

We currently have over a dozen formulations available in the categories below, and can create further custom skin care based on your needs.

- Cleansers; gentle and active exfoliator

- Moisturisers; for differing skin types

- Serums; active, targeting different goals

- Home Care Masks; active

Hand Nail Foot Care Manufacturing Australia


Atom Labs can deliver nail, hand and foot care products in custom form, based on your needs.

Our Dermatologist will work with you on finding the right balance between a science and holistic approach to the formulations ensuring the best possible end results are offered to the customer.

Our team use the highest quality ingredients to create a comprehensive range of products in our nail, hand and foot care range including pedicure and manicure treatments for professional treatments in clinic.

Hair Care Custom Manufacturing


Our Dermatologists will work with you on producing hair care products in custom formulation, based on your requirements.

Products can be created to meet the needs of professional hairdressers, salon clients and consumers alike.